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If you had gads of money to burn and countless hours to invest (which you don’t), your current recruiting strategy would work just fine (which it doesn’t). You’re here because you need a smarter, more efficient approach to bringing aboard new talent.

The Recruiting Division offers you the many advantages of an on-demand contract recruiter, including:

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With the way recruiting is evolving because of technology and social media, and changes in the economy over the past decade, recruiters and HR professionals have to find ways to keep current. While online resources like top LinkedIn Groups Linked:HR and Human Resources Professionals Worldwide and communities like HR.com are valuable links to the latest in recruiting and human resources practices, sometimes busy professionals need to unwind with a good book. The following is The Recruiting Division’s short list of the best reads to renew and refresh your HR and […]

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twitter recruiting

Are you using Twitter for recruiting? If not, maybe you need to see some statistics. 34 percent of job seekers use Twitter to find work, a 26 percent increase from 2011 according to Jobvite. 11 percent found out about a job from a Twitter share, also according to Jobvite. And Twitter reports that there are more than 500 million Twitter users. How much does it cost to use Twitter for recruiting? Zero. With numbers like that, what’s keeping you from adding Twitter to your recruiting strategy? You Need Followers It’s […]

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The thing that impresses me most is that we never seem to miss a beat if the load is 10 requisitions or 2, I get the same level of dedication and commitment and the same quality candidates in the same kind of turnaround time.

VP Human Resources at Certain Inc., enterprise event management software

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