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On-Demand Contract Recruiters

Employ a more efficient approach to recruiting.

If you had gads of money to burn and countless hours to invest (which you don’t), your current recruiting strategy would work just fine (which it doesn’t). You’re here because you need a smarter, more efficient approach to bringing aboard new talent.

The Recruiting Division offers you the many advantages of an on-demand contract recruiter, including:


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How Video Interviewing Works And The Leading Vendors
Posted on: July 31st, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


Recruiting Question: “I am considering the use of video interviews. How does it work, and who are the leading video interview vendors Video interviewing is an emerging recruiting trend that I should consider?” Recruiting Division Answer: In a changing and evolving economy with rapidly developing competitive challenges, employers look for ways to save time and money in their business processes. […]

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Targeted Advice for HR Generalists
Posted on: June 25th, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


Human resources professionals today do so much more than filing forms and advertising job openings. From recruitment and staffing, to benefits and compensation, to training and employee development, to legal compliance, they need a wide range of skills and expertise to support business. They provide true business support, and bring the most value when they function as strategic business partners […]

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Using Wearable Technology at Work
Posted on: June 23rd, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


Technology is rapidly becoming a part of every type of work we do, every day and everywhere. Headsets, barcode scanners, and smart badges have been in use for some time, but research firm Tractica says devices like the Apple Watch, smart glasses, wearable cameras, and smart clothing will be part of the workplace by 2020. Look for devices like posture […]

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How Google Builds Great Managers
Posted on: June 18th, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


The goal for Google from at the start, as a dissertation topic at Stanford, was to improve Internet search. That goal has grown and morphed into many interesting iterations today, including Google rules for managers developed from Project Oxygen in 2009. Google’s HR team had a mission to build better bosses. The approach was to deconstruct existing practices for performance […]

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Although we’ve never used an hourly fee-based contract recruitment team before, we appreciate that they provide quick and positive results and well-vetted candidates who are educated about our business.

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