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If you had gads of money to burn and countless hours to invest (which you don’t), your current recruiting strategy would work just fine (which it doesn’t). You’re here because you need a smarter, more efficient approach to bringing aboard new talent.

The Recruiting Division offers you the many advantages of an on-demand contract recruiter, including:


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Learn how a “Growth Culture” can Reduce Employee Turnover
Posted on: April 23rd, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


No one wants to stay in a dead-end job. When employees see outside talent getting hired for higher-level positions instead of employees being offered opportunities to advance, don’t get changes in pay, title, or responsibility, and don’t get any face-time with the boss, they will leave. Maybe not this week, or even this year, but they’ll leave, probably in less […]

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Quick Tips to Improve Candidate Experience
Posted on: April 21st, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


The advance of the Internet and technology in recruiting has all but overwhelmed hiring managers, recruiters, and HR staff. A lot of the niceties of the traditional process have disappeared or been replaced with digital processes such as email notification rather than a letter saying the employer found another candidate whose qualifications are a better match for the opening. A […]

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Recruiting Industry Conferences in 2015
Posted on: April 16th, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


When your organization needs to learn the latest trends in recruiting, what the experts are saying, and how to expertly execute talent acquisition strategy, you need to get away for some speed learning. Read on to learn what this year’s recruiting industry conferences have planned for employers, hiring managers, HR professionals, and talent acquisition leaders.   ERE Recruiting Conference 2015 […]

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An Effective Approach to Behavioral Interviewing
Posted on: April 14th, 2015 by Andrew Greenberg No Comments


RECRUITING QUESTION: “Our hiring managers say they don’t have time to do anything during interviews other than ask about skills. Is behavioral interviewing really necessary?” The Recruiting Division’s Answer: Use Sullivan’s approach to behavioral interviewing to identify relevant skills and experience and insight into candidates rather than just screening out applicants. Behavioral Interviewing the Way Sullivan Does It HR thought-leader […]

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Although we’ve never used an hourly fee-based contract recruitment team before, we appreciate that they provide quick and positive results and well-vetted candidates who are educated about our business.

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