Healthcare Talent in 2016

The Recruiting Division’s job is to stay informed of recruiting and hiring practices industries across industries such as Healthcare. This industry is dealing with in-demand talent pressures and is rocked in 2016 by trends such as the changeover to the new medical coding classification ICD-10 and lots of merger and acquisition activity. Technology demands continue to impact healthcare, with mobile technology and health applications and electronic records requirements pushing the healing arts into the digital age full speed ahead. 2016 Salary Trends in Healthcare reports that expanded health insurance and an aging population that needs more healthcare are the top two factors driving healthcare hiring and high wages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) continues to predict 19 percent growth in healthcare jobs through 2024, with more than two million new jobs for physicians, registered nurses, and healthcare support occupations such as home health aides and occupational therapists.

Hot Jobs in Healthcare 2016

Healthcare jobs are in demand still in 2016 and are predicted to grow at a much higher rate than all other jobs through 2024. Healthcare jobs continue to have an excellent employment outlook in 2016. A rising tide lifts all boats, and healthcare support jobs will also see fast growth and good wages.

The following are some of the hottest healthcare jobs according to BLS with growth projections:

  1. Audiologist: Audiologists who test and treat hearing and ear problems top the list again for 2016 healthcare jobs. These jobs will grow at 29 percent and average around $73,000 annually.
  1. Chiropractor: Chiropractors treat neuromusculoskeletal problems with spinal and muscular adjustments and manipulations. Jobs will grow at 17 percent and salaries are around $66,000.
  1. Dental Assistant: Dental assistants have a dual role of patient care and dental practice administration. Their jobs will grow at 18 percent and annual earnings average $35,000.
  1. Dental Hygienist: Annual salary for this dental professional is over $70,000 with projected growth of 19percent.
  1. Dentist: Dentists take care of patients’ mouth health, treating teeth, gums, and maladies affecting the mouth. Their jobs are lucrative, with annual salaries of over $150,000 and job growth of 18 percent.
  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technicians: These medical specialists operate special diagnostic testing equipment. They earn $62,000 and will enjoy rapid job growth at 24 percent in 2016.
  2. Dietitians & Nutritionists: Dietitians and nutritionists educate patients on what and how to eat for health and healing. Salaries are around $55,000, and job growth is expected to be 16 percent.
  1. EMTs & Paramedics: EMTs and paramedics are there when emergency, disaster, and tragedy strike, providing life-saving medical and transportation services. Their jobs will see rapid growth at 24 percent for $30,000 average salaries.
  2. Exercise Physiologists: Exercise physiologists help patients heal and stay healthy with safe and effective activities. Their jobs will grow by 11 percent and salaries average $46,000 per year.
  1. Genetic Counselors: These specialists assess individuals and families for genetic disorders and maladies. Partly due to advancing technologies, these jobs will see 29 percent growth with salaries of $68,000.
  1. Licensed Practical Nurses: LPNs provide basic nursing care to patients and vital support to RNs and doctors in medical settings. Their $42,000 per year jobs will grow by 16 percent.
  1. Massage Therapists: Massage therapists help patients relax and heal with touch and manipulations to soft tissues and muscles. They earn $38,000per year and job will see 22 percent growth this year.
  1. Registered Nurses: RNs provide specialized coordinated patient care and education and emotional support to patients and their families. Their jobs will grow by 16 percent and they earn $67,000 per year.
  1. Podiatrists: Podiatrists provide medical care of the foot, diagnosing, treating, and performing surgery. Their jobs will grow 14 percent and they will earn an average of $121,000.
  1. Respiratory Therapists: Respiratory therapists help people whose illnesses cause breathing difficulties. Respiratory therapist jobs will grow by 12 percent in 2016 and they earn $57,000 per year.

Healthcare Recruiting Trends

The healthcare industry is the fastest industry for jobs and hiring in 2016, adding the most jobs of any industry according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means a few hiring trends unique to healthcare recruiting, such as grabbing new graduates more quickly than the competition, using social media specific to healthcare specialties for recruiting, and using innovative recruiting practices such as video interviewing to let busy healthcare candidates more easily participate in the recruiting process.

The top healthcare recruiting trends for 2016 that reports include:

  1. Grabbing New Graduates Before the Competition– If you’ve hosted a hard working intern for the last two years, don’t let all that practical experience go to the competition. Be prepared with a fast offer process as soon as they get their diploma.
  1. Give Them More Than One Way to Apply and Interview– Don’t let the candidates who are visiting your career page go away without a fast and easy way to apply on the spot. Get rid of any clunky, frustrating application processes.
  1. Recruit in Social Media– Be sure to recruit in niche social media for nurses, radiology technicians, or whatever healthcare profession you are hiring. Or try signing them early when they are interning for your company.

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